Tss and HrTss w/weighted hike

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    Hi Coach Maya and Coach Carolyn,

    I’m just catching up on the zooms I had missed. I actually have bought a HR strap monitor and have been using for the last two weeks now. (wish I had it at the start). So- I’ve changed the TSS to HrTss. But when I go to add the 10 for the weighted hike which the weight is def 10% of my body weight etc. It reverts to TSS but holding the manually placed number. Is that what it’s suppose to do? If I change it back to HrTss it takes that 10 off.


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    Hello Pie,
    Yes any adjustment to HrTSS will change it to TSS and that is fine. They are one in the same at that point, it’s just that for example running workouts rTSS is pace drive not HR driven hence why the change, same with a swimming workout it would show up at sTSS and needs to be changed to hrTSS. I hope this helps ( :

    Piedad Barillas-Bird on #64758

    Yep. Thank You. Had a feeling that was the case.

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