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    I am starting my aerobic training in earnest now, and the first challenge I’ve come across is actually determining my AeT. My HR drift tests are done on a treadmill. The first one I did I started at an HR in the low 130s. The first half averaged 138 and the second half averaged 145, with an increase of 7 BPM. I was able to breathe through my nose the entire time, and felt like I could’ve been conversational if there was someone to talk to.

    I did a second drift test and I started in the low 140s. My first half averaged 149 and the second half averaged 155 with an increase of 6 BPM. I had a higher RPE, but I could still breathe solely trough my nose.

    I did these tests a week apart because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t taking it too easy on the first test, but now I am confused because I had a lower increase percentage on the faster test. If you folks could help me make sense of this, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Shashi on #56300

    Welcome to the Uphill Athlete forum.

    It is common to take a couple of AeT tests to estimate your AeT.

    Are you using training peaks to record the workouts? If you can make the test public and share the training peaks link of your tests it will be helpful.

    Anonymous on #56351

    I think you don’t need to retest yet.
    That second test look like you were very close to 5% drift. I’d suggest using ~147 as the top of Z2 for a few weeks. As you feel the RPE dropping during these Z2 aerobic base runs you should retest in 4-6 weeks.


    alexcombs95 on #56306


    Here is the first test:

    Here is the second test:

    I assessed my AeT to be around 140 BPM after the first test. Should I move it up to 150 BPM, or do another test? If I were to do another test, should I start at an HR of 150?

    riccifabio95 on #56596

    Here the link to the video of the uphill athlete YouTube channel on how to find the aerobic threshold with the drift test.

    YT Uphill Athlete Drift-Test

    With my premium account of TP I can see that your Pa:Hr of the first test is 4.14% and the second is higher above 5%, the first one seems to be the right one, but seems Also like you included the warm up in the tests

    P.S. I’m also starting to train with the books and I have the same age and AeT of yours, not a very reliable opinion but I’ve tried to stay with objective observations

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