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    Stergios K

    Hello, I purchased Mike Foote’s Big Vert plan to train for a fastpacking event and have trouble figuring out in which volume category this falls under. I’m considering the biggest day to be 50km long with 3000m vertical, avg 40km and 2000m vert, for 10-15 days.

    The plan’s comments mention:
    For single day events calculate the total vertical gain and loss as well as the distance of your target event.

    For multi day event run in stages, with rest between stages, calculate the biggest single stage’s gain/loss and distance.

    For multiday continuous, mega long, events like the Tor des Geant or Tor des Glacier use the biggest single day you expect to encounter.

    You will use these numbers to progress your training load over the course of the program.

    For events from 100km to over 100miles in length with over 5000m in total elevation this week should contain about 50%(for 100miles) up to 60%(for 100km) of the event’s vertical and distance in your targeted event.

    For events around 50miles to 100km in length and around 3-5000m in elevation this week should contain about 60-70% of the event’s vertical and distance.

    For events around 50km and shorter in length with about 3000m in elevation, this week should contain about 80% of the event’s total elevation and distance.

    So I believe I should consider it as a shorter event of around 50km? or should this be considered over 100miles event?

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    Shashi on #62094

    Response from Scott –

    We’ve had good luck just using the biggest single day of the multi-day event. I hope this helps.

    davelockyer101 on #64829

    I’d be interested to hear how you get on. I’m considering using the same plan for multiday fastpacks but aiming at just a few days long and minimal sleep so 100-120k daily distances with much less vert than you have planned…

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