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    I ordered the Everest Base Camp Trek training plan to use for getting in better hiking/backpacking shape. I’m not close to any good tall buildings or stairwells but I do have access to stairclimber and two sets of steep stairs about 10-12 steps in ny house. One flight to basement and then one flight to 2nd floor with about 10 feet of level floor between them.

    In the training peaks app it says I can use either option but what is the best option, repeating my short stairs for 20+ minutes or the stairclimber machine?


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    LindsayTroy on #55666

    If it were me, I would alternate. The benefit of a stair climber is its all up all the way, but the downside is, presumably, you don’t plan to exclusively ascend to basecamp, I assume you’d like to return. Also, the stairclimber provides a mechanical advantage in that it lowers the stairs to you. The benefit of your house stairs is that you actually have to lift your leg the whole way to the next step with no mechanical advantage and you have to train going down, but the downside is you’re going to be going down really frequently which does give your muscles a break.

    So my inclination is to do them both.

    kguzda39 on #55680

    I appreciate your response! Sounds like a good plan, I just wasn’t sure if the short amt of stairs would have benefit but it seems it will.. I think I will use a 20lb weight vest as well for the home stairs…

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