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    Questions about treadwall
    For those who have / use treadwall actively
    ( I read in one of Steve’s comments that he has a treadwall).

    Would treadwall be able to replace climbing gym – training for strength / endurance perspective?
    How about skill development – considering it’s flat surface ? Boredom factor ?

    Any issues – comments / caveats?


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    DominicProvost on #41804

    A treadwall is great for ARCing. With a hangboard and rings you could probably complete all the rock climbing training plan workouts that don’t involve touching rock, if you make the speed really slow and make the angle steep you pretty much have a systems wall type of board on which you could set hard moves.

    I find plastic subpar to rock for broad skill building, the footholds are just so big and the sequences obvious. You can make gains and drill specific movement patterns (

    The boredom factor is real, get some good music playing and use your imagination, you’re not in a cold shed anymore, you’re free soloing 300 meters above the bergschrund, you better hold on when you’re tired, try a stupid move and start barn dooring.

    Treadwalls are expensive. If I could afford one I’d probably have room for a really nice home gym and would get steep cracks in challenging sizes (cupped hands, off fingers, offwidth) and a dedicated steep board for building power intensive moves, my friend’s gym which I train in during winter also has those and they’re really nice to have.

    jakedev on #41816

    So we have one and love it. We took out a personal loan and just recently paid it off. Compared to what some people spend on snowmobiles and motorcycles its reasonable not to mention will last you for a LONG time. I think he said the oldest one they have is 20 years old. Great for rainy springs, when partners are unavailable, your not in a social mood, our crunched for time.

    As Dominic said it’s great for ARCing. Also set a 4×4 circuit on it (or linked boulder circuit).

    Also have it set up for ice climbing simulation with the 2x4s on the right and use I Bolts into predrilled holes to simulate placing screws. Great for upper body ME. I built a campus board for dedicate power sessions because it’s hard to get a long power move out of it.

    I could go on and on but any more questions just ask. I attached a pic.


    David Thompson on #41888

    Treadwalls are a fantastic tool that have many different applications. While they are not as complex as the movement on volumes you will often find in a climbing gym, nor as what you would find necessary on rock, they are great for developing and maintaining the basics of climbing movement. From these basics, specific skills can more easily be developed.

    In particular, drilling specific movement patterns and interval work are where it shines. Specific movement patterns lie at the core of all skill development.

    From my personal experience, a Treadwall is probably the single best piece of training equipment one could have for climbing. The versatility is really only limited by your imagination.

    us on #41952

    Thanks guys for your inputs.
    I checked treadwall price. – thinking of alternatives like putting a wall ( 8X12 20-30 degree sloped) in the backyard now 🙂

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