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    I’ve been visiting this forum and the site since last year when I trained for a multi-sport race that involved an 8mile run, 5mile kayak, 18mile uphill bike, 2mile uphill ski and then downhill ski to finish. I was looking for help and inspiration for my training and I found a lot of great content here for which I am eternally grateful. Specifically I learned a lot about aerobic base training which has been huge for me in keeping injury at bay while maintaining and improving fitness.

    One thing I needed more of while I worked on my aerobic base was companion content (inspiring documentaries, podcasts) for time necessarily spent on the treadmill, bike trainer etc. Obviously the ideal is to be outside in the elements enjoying a meditative flow state, but sometimes the reality for me was that the roads and trails were too icy/dangerous to run on or I had a sick kid home from school etc.

    I recently built a website to solve the problem I had with finding motivating content and getting treadmill/bike workouts done. It would take me too long to search for something good to watch or listen to. I would google, check netflix, youtube, amazon prime, salomontv… sometimes I would get down the rabbit hole and realize I had wasted 20mins of precious time. That feeling of time-wasted would tip me into a negative mindset, making it even harder to motivate for my workout.

    The site I built to solve this problem is called Slipstream and it’s a human-curated library of relevant inspiring content. The main features are 1. a filter that lets you drill down to quickly find what you need and 2. a bookmarking/playlist feature.

    It’s early days at this point but if I can get enough positive feedback then I will invest in making the site better, adding more features, and building a mobile version.

    The website can be found at (no “i” – that domain cost an extra $30K!)

    The secondary goal for the platform is to help support the athletes that are creating this great content. If Slipstream can help get that content in front of more people hopefully that will demonstrate to sponsors that there’s good ROI there.

    If anyone has feedback I would be so grateful to hear it so I can work to make this a better product.

    Thank you.

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