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    I am looking to get back into skimo training but currently live in a location without snow. I’ve seen some limited information online about using ski’s and climbing skins on a treadmill, does anyone have experience with this? If so any tips or tricks? I already trail run and strength train this seems like it would be much more sport specific if it works, to really focus on the muscle memory and technique for skinning. IT does seem like it could be kinda difficult to set up. Thanks in advance

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    Anonymous on #17890

    Hey Tyler,

    I’ve done a little treadmill skinning, but not much. It is specific, but I found several disadvantages:

    * More drag with skins-on-track than skins-on-snow;
    * Boot/foot issues, probably because there’s less give in the underfoot surface;
    * Wearing of the skins, pretty quickly;
    * Much bigger sweat factor inside boots;
    * Monotony!

    Now, I weighed that against outdoor skinning, and I have great nordic options nearby. If you don’t have any snow at all, then it may be worth it.

    To make it work, it may be worth buying a ratty old pair of skins or perhaps not using any skins at all. (But watch for wear on your bases and/or damage to the treadmill from your edges.)


    todd.struble on #17980

    Do you have access to paved hills? Luke Nelson posted about using roller skis in this thread:

    Anonymous on #17986


    Roller skiing is good training for skimo. Mainly for the technique similarities. It is rare in the US to find paved roads with hills over 10% gradient. Typical steep skimo skin tracks are 20–25% grade. This lack of specificity will be a factor effecting the muscle recruitment patterns.


    Tyler.W.Johnson1 on #18040

    Thanks for the tips, I do have access to hills, but the snow aspect is non existent in Southern Arizona. Good to know I have some options as I feel like I am kind of maxed out the overall base fitness aspect and definitely need to get sport specific. Thanks again

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