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    I’ve been doing (and logging) low intensity aerobic training (hiking, rowing and elliptical) steadily for the last year and before starting this program, built up to a 225 to 250 hour annual training load rate. I am not new to training but didn’t do much, or anything consistently, for the four prior years, and so see myself as a beginner with just a year of training history.

    Here’s the question… how do people like me transition into this program? Do we start where we are, in terms of training load, or start at zero? Does that answer change if I plan, as I do, to do two rounds of this program?


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    MarkPostle on #58945

    Bill- I would recommend starting with the load as prescribed in the basic program for the first 4 weeks (3 build and 1 rest) then reassess where you are at with regards to the correct training load. I think it takes most folks a whole 4 week cycle to accurately assess if its appropriate. Of course if you get 5-10 days in and it way too much then you’ll want to scale it back some but if you’re on pace for 225 hours/yr I think you’ll be fine.

    bill on #59007

    @mark thanks! just to be clear, in my case that means cutting back my current aerobic training load, which is roughly four hours a week, all in Z1 and Z2. i am okay with that, just want to be sure i am transitioning appropriately. – bill

    Nate Emerson on #59237

    Yes, thats correct. It’s common to cut back on volume in a transition period. If the aerobic volume with your Training Group Plan is just a small reduction, that should probably be perfect. Keep in mind you’ll be doing Cham Mtn Fit on top of that volume. If you look ahead to mid-Jan, you’ll see that we’re progressing to nearly 7 hrs/week of aerobic load, along with 2 hours of strength/conditioning.
    This natural reduction in training hours in a transition period, followed by a gradual ramping up with volume, is a standard practice with a challenging training plan.
    I hope that makes sense and it fits with your previous training.

    bill on #59313

    Thanks Nate and Mark!

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