Transition back after Trek trip and couple weeks off

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    Hi all,

    Recently I went on a trip to Asia for two weeks to trek and climb some mountains. Mostly hiking with some mountaineering. 10 days, highest elevation around 16,000 feet. Thanks to TFNA, I felt terrific !

    I lost about 8 lbs. Pretty normal.

    Came back. First week I had jetlag so didn’t do a thing. And I felt sick most of the week.

    2nd and 3rd weeks I started to do some light runs and speedwalks. Short strength sessions and finally did a weighted stairs session.

    I feel weak, slow and my HR is spiked.

    Before I left I had almost finished base period with ME.

    So…where do I begin again? No specific trip or objective…more winter scrambles and hikes .

    Any advice is welcome 🙂

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    Jan on #30466

    After a demanding multi-day hiking trip, I normally try to take as many days off as the trip was long. So that would be 10 days off in your example.

    If you felt sick the first week, I wouldn’t count that as recovering from your trip. And it is probably a sign that your trip was pretty demanding for your body.

    When I get back to training, I normally do rather short Zone 1-2 sessions for 3-4 days without really having a structure, just to see how it feels. If it feels good, I start regular training with about 50 % of what I did before the trip for a week, if this works fine I might jump back to 100 % the next week.

    I was surprised how long it takes to get back to my normal training after a demanding multi-day trip, but this seems like the only way it works for me.

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