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    So after nearly a year long battle with my insurance company, I have finally won my case and have been “given permission” to undergo a subglandular implant surgery. It will take place sometime around Sept/Oct and I will have a 6-8 week recover with no – to very little lifting/climbing. This unfortunately happens right as I was planning on transitioning to focus on getting ready for ice season.

    What i’m curious about is, is it worthwhile/smart to start ice specific training early in preparation for this down period, knowing that any more muscle mass that might develop in my chest now will make recovery slower, or do I just chill, focus on general endurance and recovery, and work within the much shorter lead up to ice season?



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    Hi Claire, my apologies on the delay in responding. I’m thrilled o hear you are able to get your surgery done and covered by insurance!! The best bet is to just chill, any gains you make will be lost due to the surgery and down time and could make the recovery period longer. As athletes we always want to be doing more however sometimes less is best or focusing on other aspects of training that would benefit us on every level. So general aerobic fitness, core and leg/calf strength, and be really rested when you go in for the procedure. Good luck with everything! ( :

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