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    Hi Scott and all,

    I am really enjoying the Mike Foote BIG VERT plan so far (although I recently just started) using the Uphill Athlete calendar and TraningPeaks dashboard. I have two technical questions about how to use TrainingPeaks and the UH plans together.

    1) What is the best way to modulate the volume of the UH plans in TrainingPeaks?
    I see here
    you recommend:
    “If you are starting a new training cycle using a plan you already own (once you buy it, you own it forever)—and you have not had a multi-month break from training and everything went well your last time through the plan—you should start the new cycle at a higher training load. As a rule of thumb, we recommend starting the first week of the Transition Period at an aerobic volume that represents 50% of your previous cycle’s average weekly aerobic volume. Overall, plan to bump up the training volume about 10% per week on subsequent cycles.”
    Is there an easy way to “bump up” the training volume across all events in the 20 week plan instead of editing them one-by-one?

    2) How does the TrainingPeaks Annual Training Plan (ATP) interact with UH plans if at all?
    This is a related question, but I would like the volumes and TSS targets of my BIG VERT plan on the calendar to somehow sync up with the ATP in TrainingPeaks and cannot figure it out.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    NotOnEiger on #23250

    To your first question. I don’t think you can modulate the volume of a program with “a single click”. That would be awesome and I need that too (though the other way round, I need less volume 🙁 ). In the end, as awesome the programs are, they are still cookie cutter programs and you have to adjust to your abilities. E. g., age is a significant factor. Nobody who is 50 years or older without training history could jump in any of those programs.

    sam.ley on #23252

    I don’t think there is a way to bump up everything at once, though I think the ATP plan view is a good way to look at your upcoming volume.

    I set my ATP plan based on the same objective date I used to start my UA plan (IE, set them to “finish” at the same time. Then in the ATP view, I drag the ATP bars up or down (usually up) to meet the “planned” bars from the UA training plan. This makes my ATP “line up” to my UA plan (the filled fitness graph will line up with the dotted graph.

    The nice thing about this is that with your UA plan and ATP plan “synced up”, you can make quick adjustments using the ATB bars to add or remove volume, and benefit from the ATP’s calculation of what your fitness/form will be. It will warn you if it thinks you are ramping too hard, and you can play with adding volume until your predicted form values get below the point you want to be at, then you can back off a bit.

    After you’ve dialed the volume in, you can go back to those actual weeks and add the actual workouts needed to increase the volume, adding TSS to existing workouts, or copy/pasting some workouts in. But since you already dialed the volume in with the ATP bars, you don’t have to do all that work only to find out that your form will be -100. 😉

    Hope that helps,

    sam.ley on #23253

    Realized all that might be a bit confusing, so here is a screenshot of my ATP “synced” to my UA training volume. You can see my “too high ramp” week which it warned me about. The warning was accurate, it kicked my butt. 😉


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