Training Zones in New Alpinism vs Uphill Athlete

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    I have Training for the New Alpinism and it has been really helpful for guiding my training the last 5 years. Thank you!

    Recently, I’ve been looking on the Uphill Athlete website as a supplement and I’m now getting confused about training zones. Are the zones on the website different than the zones in New Alpinism? In New Alpinism, the Aerobic Threshold is equal to the top of Zone 1, but on the website (e.g. guides for aerobic threshold testing), AeT seems to correspond to the top of Zone 2.

    Do you have a general guide to translate between the two? After a lot of reading and thinking, my best guess is this:

    Zone 1 New Alpinism ? Zone 1 & 2 Uphill Athlete ;
    Zone 2 & 3 New Alpinism ? Zone 3 Uphill Athlete ;
    Zone 4 & 5 New Alpinism ? Zone 4 Uphill Athlete.

    Did I get close or am I completely off-base?

    Please help!


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