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    Hey everyone,

    I’m making the long drive to Alaska from the lower 48 and have almost finished the UA Podcasts. Does anyone have any other favorite podcasts to listen to that are relevant to mountain sports, training, sports medicine, or just some incredible stories?

    I guess listening to information or getting some inspiration while driving can be considered a form of training, right?


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    Dada on #54046

    I like scientific triathlon.

    Stephen Seiler has also some good YT videos.

    jkbest on #54065

    On the training/sport science side I’ve been enjoying The Science of Ultra. The host generally discusses a scientific paper/research thread, often with the authors, and breaks it down in a way that is pretty digestible. I found the discussion of pyrimidal vs polarized intensity distribution interesting (episode 140), as it clarified what seem to be some common misunderstandings of the published research.

    And since you’re heading to Alaska, you owe it to yourself to check out The Firn Line, which focuses on the Alaska climbing/adventure scene and is really well done.

    chango.david on #54085

    Thanks for the great advice! I have the podcasts added to my list.

    Jon H on #54181

    The podcast by Mark Twight and co called “NonProphet” is also a good listen. It strays into plenty of philosophy/art/politics as well, but there is some excellent fitness and training content there from one of the more prolific alpinists of the modern era, not to mention the founder of Gym Jones.

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