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    Hi all,

    I’m sure this question has been addressed somewhere on the forum, but after an hour of hunting I can’t seem to find an answer.

    Can I get clarification on the difference between “weekly aerobic training volume” and “total aerobic training volume”?

    I am making a spreadsheet where I input the number of annual training hours, and it will give me a rough breakdown of aerobic workout durations based on the percentages outlined in the book. But… it’s not quite adding up correctly for the aerobic training volume.

    For example, I want to hit about 300 hours/year (360 mins/week, based on 50 week training year) for aerobic training volume. In week 1 of the transition period I need to be at 50% of the weekly volume (180 mins).

    The book example shows 3 aerobic workouts scheduled in Weeks 1-3 and specifies:
    • One long zone 1 workout, 25% of weekly aerobic training volume
    • One zone 2 session, no more than 10% of total aerobic training volume
    • Make up the rest of the volume with easy aerobic exercise

    Since weeks 1-3 of the transition period show only 3 aerobic workout sessions, weekly and total aerobic training volume are obviously not the same, because 25% + 10% leaves 65% of the aerobic volume to be completed in the 3rd workout. Yet, applying 10% to other aerobic volume numbers on my spreadsheet gives an illogical answer. I’m obviously missing something…


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    NotOnEiger on #25370

    I have the same question and asked it before. The 25% for the long workout does not make sense!

    hamcurtis on #25371

    In the newer book, Training for the Uphill Athlete, it is much clearer as the total weekly percentages actually add up to 100%.

    Anonymous on #25422


    You found one of the errors in the New Alpinism. I’m embarrassed to admit it but this is the first time this has been brought to my attention. Thanks for mentioning this though.

    Here are two ways I suggest that you can fix my mistake.

    1) Add more Z1-2 workouts in the week on those “off” days. Since you are at 3 hours in these early weeks this will mean rather short runs but the volume will accumulate which is the idea.

    2) Increase the duration of the only Z1 workout. Since these weeks are only 3 hours you could easily bump that long workout to 40-50% of the weekly total.

    3) Or use a mix of both these ideas.

    I hope this helps.

    huzefasid on #63504

    Hi Scott,

    I am seeking some further clarification. In the attached screenshot of the book, it is mentioned that weekly hours include strength workout. Is this correct? As the no of circuits, increase the time spent increase, which would affect the time left for aerobic work out.

    As suggested above, should I use the annual hours for aerobic volume calculation only and keep the time spent on strength training separate?

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