Training timeline for the Freeride plan

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    Hi all,

    I am about to embark on my second season of the Freeride plan and have a question about timing. I live in Colorado where I’ll start touring in early December, but won’t pursue any big objectives until probably April. With that in mind, how shall I time my training so that I can enjoy and be fit for my early season days – along with some inbounds days – while also peaking at the right time in spring without being overtrained by then? As of right now I am not aerobically deficient and could actually benefit from more Z3 work, IMO. (Aet = 145, top of Zone 3 159ish)

    My main idea is to basically run the first 3 weeks of the program several times in fall/winter until I’m 12 weeks out of my target date. Is this right?

    Secondary question – lateral bar hops in the ME phase are probably great for skiers, but what are some alternatives for us splitboarders?

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    Shashi on #58128


    Did you figure out how to extend your training plan?

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