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    I hike with a group once a week

    On the uphill portion I don’t go with the group so I can maintain my AeT and use it as a training session. The uphill will range from 2 to 4 hours with a gain of 2000-4000’

    Here’s the question: on the downhill portion I recreate and go with the group. It’s always at or below my recovery heart rate

    Should I be counting these downhill hours towards training? I currently do not and I have noticed no adverse effects on training days from these non counted hours.


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    Rachel on #45585

    I personally would, it’s still training stress.

    Anonymous on #45602

    1) Good job for going your own pace. That’s a huge limiter in most people’s training if they feel compelled to go the pace of the group.

    2) As @rachelp said, yes, count the hours. The stress on your CV system is lower, but it’s higher on your legs. It contributes to fatigue.

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