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    Hi all

    I am using a 24 weeks mountaineering plan from TP. Excellent staff!

    For my run/hike activity I am using a nearby mountain [ Vitosha 2300 m , Bulgaria] . I am hiking with 125 HR (Aet from my hr drift test )for 1 hour and I gain ~ 350m altitude . On a way down my HR is ~ 95 and it takes ~ 40 min to go back to my car.

    I record only my time climbing up – is that correct ?

    Kind regards

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    Anonymous on #45657

    Record the full time on your feet. While the uphill has a stronger aerobic training effect the down hill gives its own special form a strength training that is also important.

    I’m glad you are enjoying the plan.


    t.torin on #45739

    Thank you very much Scott for taking time to answer. Appreciated.

    Just to confirm to consider the training completed i will work uphill for 1 hour ( if my training is for 1 hour) but i will record all my training time – 1:40 minutes?

    The plan is excellent tool to put the book in execution perspective 🙂 Reading the book was a good idea but having the plan is what made difference for me


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