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    Hey all,

    Have tried to search but not really found the answers.
    This will be the start of my third season of ultra running. Have a 100k 6400+ planned for May.
    Looking at the plan for 100k in the book I have the following questions:

    Early or late base for the 6 base planned weeks? What defines which one to follow? I have the option to extend the base by 6 weeks. Is it worth doing early and making the prog late base?

    Regarding vert – it says to “plan on training a minimum of your goal event’s total vert during at least 2 of your pre-comp weeks” – could someone please recommend ideal weeks for this? Also does anyone have any top tips for working out suitable mileage increases throughout the plan?

    How do I adjust mileage – I am already running 36-44mpw (60-72). Do I work out the percentage difference from the “plan” and adopt that throughout?

    Thanks! I’ve sat this afternoon trying to figure it out and make an excel spreadsheet to lay out some bones of a plan!

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