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    i tried to send this through the contact tab but it says there is an error.

    I listened to the most recent podcast with Adrian Ballinger, which was great by the way, and I believe my schedule and planning is close to on point, now I need the training to pull it off. Winter (March) 2022 I’m talking a 5 day mountaineering course, I’d like to do Rainier, Shasta, or Baker for a bigger mountain glacier training (5-10 days) in either late 2022 or early 2023, then late 2023 or most likely early 2024 do the Everest Base Camp trek including a 6000m peak (20 days +/-). I’d love to hear your thoughts on the schedule as listed, and also what program on your page should I start with and then which one(s) should I progress to? I’ve been hiking/backpacking, all seasons, for just over 4 yrs with over 50 4000′ or higher summits, 2 of which were Mount Washington in New Hampshire (6300 feet) , one of those in winter.

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    Welcome to the Uphill Athlete forum.

    Read this article that provides a good overview of Training for Mountaineering.

    I would recommend the 24-week mountaineering plan

    Be conservative with the training volume as you start your first cycle. You may want to scale down the weekly training volume based on your training history.

    The schedule is reasonable and you should be able to cycle through the 24-week plan to train for your goals.

    Wish you the best!

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