Training Plan Recommendations?

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    I’m an experienced climber with a long training history thinking of switching to one of the Uphill Athlete training plans for the first time. I’m a long term user of the Anderson brothers’/Rock Prodigy plans, and am looking for a plan that I can cycle through for nearly year-round training. My goals are long, technical alpine rock routes–eg, 5.11 multipitch and above in RMNP, the Winds, etc.

    I am wondering if anyone with similar training goals has a suggestion on which training plan might be the best fit? From what I can gather from the descriptions, I am leaning towards the 8 week advanced rock alpinist plan but it seems far too short. Has anyone else used this successfully as a longer term training plan? The 16 week Eiger version sounds like it may have more of a focus on ice climbing than I am looking for.

    Any experiences you can share would be appreciated!

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