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    If a training plan schedules a 1:30 run at AeT, should the entire run be done at roughly AeT (other than warm-up)? Let’s say the plan is to do this run with considerable vertical. The downhill heart rate will likely be much lower than AeT ( likely Zone 1). In this scenario, does one simply run 1:30 with uphills/flats at AeT, and downhill <AeT. Or should the run include a full 1:30 at AeT, with the downhills as extra time and miles. Of course in this second scenario that would make the run’s time and distance much longer?

    One more question: Do you recommend or prefer a training plan based off of time (ie a 1 hour run) or distance (ie 7 miles)?


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    deadpoint on #22391

    You should be at or below AeT for the whole run, even if it means walking the hills.

    Rachel on #22450

    In Training for the Uphill Athlete, Johnson et al. write on page 168:

    Don’t worry that your heart rate drops on the downhills. Just let it drop. If you are running, don’t thrash yourself on every downhill in a vain attempt to keep your heart rate in the zone. The downhills provide a valuable strengthening effect in mountain sports, so don’t discount them just because your heart rate is low. We recommend counting your full time — both up and down the hills — for hilly workouts.

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