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    I just started my 24 week mountain plan and trying to be very diligent esp with HR , I did my first 2 hr hike/run on hilly terrain, As I live in flandlands my option to get 1000ft of vertical gain is to use stairs ( at gym I have 4 flights, 6 in step, 58 steps ,38 laps gives me 988ft ). I did 30 laps and then moved to Stairmaster as I couldn’t keep my HR with in 10 beats on AeT esp going down but once on got on stair master I was able to keep HR around 145. Should I pay more attention to my HR and go in Stairmaster or elevation gain .

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    Shashi on #45938

    I think the recommendation would be to pay attention to your HR and keep it in the desired zone. Stairmaster will also give you a similar effect (elevation gain) but not the same as outdoors.

    You might find the discussion on the below forum topic helpful –

    Stair Mill vs Stairs for Aerobic Pace Workouts

    Anonymous on #45946

    I agree. The one additional thing is that HR will naturally fall on descents. That’s fine; don’t increase your pace to increase heart rate, because the strain on your legs will be too severe for general training.

    ppeddi on #45977

    Thank you Shashi , link to the forums is very informative.
    Thank you Scott , I am recovering for Hiker’s knee/patellar Tendinopathy.
    I have another question. I have completed my rehab and have been able to run 4-5 a week for 30-45 min with no increase in pain but now that I have started the 24 wk plan I am feeling a little bit of pain but back to baseline in 24 hrs ( which is ok as per my therapist) But if it does increase , Should I cut back on volume , switch to underwater running , swimming one day or take out one day out of back to back days as I have a yr from my event. I plan to continue past 24wks which would give chance to get back to full volume. Is 60+ min under AeT key for Aerobic base training. Thanks

    Anonymous on #46011

    I would follow your PT’s recommendations with respect to knee pain.

    Is 60+ min under AeT key for Aerobic base training?

    Can you elaborate? There are no hard and fast rules that apply to everyone. For some, one hour is training. For others, they would lose fitness.

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