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    UA Coaches & Community,

    I am looking to run a 50 miler with some vert in March (35 weeks from now). I’ve run a couple of road marathons and run about 25-30 miles a week at a pace at or below my aerobic threshold to stay in shape when not in marathon-training mode. But I’ve taken the last 5 weeks of running to deal with some overtraining symptoms. But I am feeling fresh again, and ready to start training again. Three questions.

    (1) Is 20-week intro to ultra plan right for me?

    (2) If so, any modifications I should do to take up the extra weeks?

    (3) And will the plan be enough to get me through a 50-mile race?


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    If your race involves a ton of vertical then you should probably consider the Mike Foote Big Vert plan instead of Luke’s plan. If you choose Luke’s Intro to Ultra plan then you can extend it’s duration by repeating some weeks or by doing the full plan for 20 weeks then restarting the plan at week 5.

    Since you are just getting back into running after a lay off I suggest begin quite gradually and get your base mileage back to 25-30 over the course of 4-6 weeks. Once that feels comfortable then you start using the distance progression built into the plan.


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