Training plan, book, or both? Rookie with sights on 4 day trip on Shasta in Aug.

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    Hello UA team, and thank you for consideration of my question.

    Background: 44 year old who runs and hikes regularly. Ran a marathon have done some non-technical climbs including Whitney and some other minor nontechnical peaks in the 10-13kft range.

    I recently purchased Training for the New Alpinism (really enjoying the read so far!).

    I am going to sign up for a 4 day guided camp on Shasta in August (Level 1 Glacier training with Shasta Mountain Guides). I am coming from a base of very little ME training, mostly cardio background. Overall, muscle endurance is not strong at all and arguably on the weak side. Have not yet measured my starting AeT or MHR, which I’ll be doing in the next week (and yes, I do have a chest strap monitor).

    Given my base of where I am coming from, would the 24 week program be an appropriate place to begin to train for my Shasta climb, or is my level too basic even for that plan? Thank you.

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    Anonymous on #48291

    The 24 week plan is just what you need for guidance. The plan is stand alone but you’ll probably get more out of it if you have a solid understanding of the theory than underpins it. Much of the same info is available for free here on the site and our forum has a wealth of info to. It’ll just take some digging.

    Good luck.

    stevenzmarsden on #48293

    Thanks. How many hours a week should a person plan on dedicating to the 24 week plan?

    Anonymous on #48321

    Look at the plan description and you will see the hourly progression along sample workouts.


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