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    Hey. I apologize up front but was told this information is buried within the posts, but I am having trouble finding it. While using training peaks, I have a few questions.

    1. What TSS score should I give a strength session?
    2. By how much should I increase a TSS score for a muscular endurance workout. For instance, if I keep my HR at 125 for 2 hours on a stair-master, my TSS is 85. However, if I do that same workout by HR but carry 30% of my body weight in a pack, I have trained much harder, so I need to increase the TSS… correct?
    3. Is there a way to tweak the software to give aerobic decoupling values for treadmill/stair-master workouts? Currently I only see aerobic decoupling when I perform running workouts.

    Thanks so much for any help. Sorry again if I could find this elsewhere.

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    Pete on #7734

    Hi Geltzeiler,

    I think that this post might help you –

    Best, Peter

    geltzeiler on #7736

    Pete. Thank you so much! That pretty much answers questions 1 and 2. I assume then, by the answer given, if I need to do my ME workouts on a stairmaster I should base the TSS on the time it takes to recover… correct? Estimating the amount of vertical on a machine seems less ideal to me.

    Also, if anyone has any additional info on the aerobic decoupling question, that’d be greatly appreciated.

    thanks again so much!

    Anonymous on #7749


    As you are probably aware the Stairmaster ME workouts are not ideal because you do not really have to lift yourself up against gravity since the stairs fall away under you. I assume you are doing this cuz you have no steep hill or stairs? What about box steps for this. You need to be working against gravity as much as you can for this to be maximally effective. Stair machine is last resort.

    As for aerobic decoupling on a treadmill: Hold speed constant and note HR drift up or holding steady during run. If it’s steady then that run pace was very close to AeT. Easy to play with this on a treadmill.


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