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    Question on the Structured Workout Feature with TrainingPeaks, specifically as it pertains to building out zoned endurance sessions. As a user of TP on the athlete side myself, I always appreciated how the structured sessions uploaded automatically to the Garmin and it was as simple as hitting “go” and just following along.

    One issue I’m having on the coach side, however, is the fact that any zoned sessions require basing HR off a %HRmax or a %HR Threshold. This ends up giving a zone that is different from the manually created zones off the back of a HR Drift Test and/or AnT test. I’ve sort of gotten around that by just finagling the percentages so that the range ends up roughly in line with the manually-created zones, but I’m wondering if anyone has a better solution?

    …or if it just makes more sense not to do the structured set up at all!

    Thanks guys!

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    I think this is a great thing to discuss. I go back and forth using Workout Builder because I agree that it can be a bit annoying on the coaching side. When I do use it, I almost always select “Rate of Perceived Exertion.” I will then put in the description what HR they should be targeting, and I hope that my athletes are reading the workouts and using the Structured Workout Feature. I don’t know if that is as helpful as what you are doing, Drew, with creating new percentages, but so far, it seems to work!

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    I’ve gone the RPE route before as well…especially with newer athletes that haven’t necessarily “trained up” to being able to complete the full drift test. What inevitably ends up happening, though, is they just follow whatever gets uploaded onto their device and may not look at their phone to actually see the zones.

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