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Training Peaks, “New Threshold met” – crazy high HR

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    Melissa Macdonald

    I am confused by Training Peaks. It keeps telling me that I’ve reached a new AeT threshold. These numbers can’t be right, LOL. I was up on Mt. Rainier yesterday, spent 3.5 hours going up with 25#, 1.5 hrs-ish coming down. I turned around at 6820′. When I got down, TP said that I was in my Power Zone 4 for 4 hours out of 5:11 moving time (155-174 HR, highest HR was 190!). What?? I was able to still breathe, talk in almost full sentences, mouth breathing, but definitely could sustain that for more than “30-60 seconds”. I wasn’t setting any speed records, partly because I kept stopping because I thought I “had to” in order for the HR to come down. I thought I felt pretty good, heart was certainly working hard, but sustainable for a good 30 mins or more. Looking at pgs 57-61 of TFTNA, it felt like the description of Zone 3 most of the time.

    My training treadmill hikes and regular hikes are all done in Zones 1 and 2, consistently with 30# -35# currently. When I do my AeT tests, I have to run now in order to get my HR into Zone 2 (I’m NOT a runner, I’m an uphill/heavy pack walker). When I redo the test this week, do I suck it up and jog to get that HR into Zone 2?

    So either I have massive ADS and I should just give up and become a couch potato (I’m kidding), or maybe my AeT is WAY higher than my current Zones are set at. Being able to sustain movement with 30# or more at 155-170 just seems really high, on paper. Maybe I’m just a weirdo?

    PS. This happened last year on my actual Rainier Summit climb. When I got to Camp Muir on Day 1, TP said I had been in Zone 4 for 4 out of 6 hours total, which also seemed CRAZY. I was a bit slower than the other climbers, but we attributed it to me overpacking, haha.

    Any insight? Thank you so much! 8 weeks to go until Mt. Baker, which hopefully will be my 2nd of the 5 WA State Volcanoes.

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    sgw on #68535

    I am currently also surprised by a unrealistic or impossible TSS-value of an activity:

    TSS 1119 for a 3hr activity that was definitely not all out.
    The same activity looks rather average on

    What TSS does it calculate for your activity?

    Maybe others see these issues as well?

    Mariner_9 on #68573

    “Any insight?”

    HRM problem? I had similar issues in the past when my HRM was not recording accurately (e.g. showing max HR of 277!).

    Melissa Macdonald on #68583

    Good point. In a strange turn of luck, I lost my HRM and ordered a new one arriving today! I’ll def. test again with the new one. Thank you!!

    Melissa Macdonald on #68584

    My only problem with using the TSS is that it doesn’t take into account the weight in my pack. This particular climb shows 665 TSS. The Female Uphill Athlete group told us to add a certain # per pound to that, and I cannot for the life of me remember how much?
    Thank you!

    LindsayTroy on #68608

    Also, perhaps its not that crazy, my AeT is 177BPM

    Melissa Macdonald on #68645

    Looks like I have a new AeT test in my future! Thank you all, this really helps. It definitely seems that my zone settings are off. It really helps to “talk it out” with fellow likeminded folks.

    Jane Mackay on #68646

    Melissa, this article has the ‘fudge factors’:

    sgw on #68647

    My high TSS came from my Garmin watch adding Power values with the latest beta firmware. Switching to rTSS calcucation results in a more realistic value (asked TP support for help here). I have to read more on these new data points.

    Sorry for the noise here, my issue seems not related to the thread’s topic now.

    Melissa Macdonald on #69123

    Thanks everyone! I’ve bookmarked the fudge factors article, and plan to redo my AeT. Apparently I went up the Muir snowfield in Zone 4 on Sunday… what? LOL.

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