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Training Peaks – How to repeat a week?

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    Working on the 24 week mountaineering training plan and well life happened last week so training wise the week was poor with multiple missed workouts. According to the book it says I should probably just repeat the week. Is there anyway to roll back the week in Training Peaks to redo the week?


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    madanyang on #10822


    If you have the premium account you can copy, move either a single workout or a complete week. Have a look at the trainingpeaks help.

    Hope this helps

    Thomas White on #10824

    I’m curios if there is a way to copy a week and scale up. For example turn all my 10K runs into 11K runs.

    Anonymous on #10842

    As mandanyang says: If you have a Premium TP account you can do all sorts of mods to your workouts and plan. With the basic you are meant to just follow the plan as written.


    mtnscape1 on #60721

    Thanks to Carter Wehrer at Training Peaks here is a simple way to bump/shift a week or whatever timeframe you want. I wanted to repeat week 7 of the 24 week program and the instructions below worked perfectly, simply and quickly. I do have the premium account not the free TP account.

    From Carter at TP:
    To repeat Week 7, you will want to shift weeks 8-24. Please follow the below steps to make the necessary changes:
    • Select the date header for the first day, Monday, of week 8 (the 3 dashes next to the date)
    • Hold ‘Shift’ on your keyboard
    • Select the date header of the final day of week 24 (the 3 dashes next to the date)
    • Weeks 8-24 should now be highlighted and a selection popup will come up
    • Either Shift to new date, or cut/paste
    • Once 8-24 are moved, you can then copy/paste week 7

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