Training Peaks Form Increase — Despite Training?

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    Hi All,

    I am confused about a trend in training peaks with my training and maybe someone here can help? I just completed the 24 week plan and took a much needed recovery week (the one at the end of the plan) and am now repeating weeks 18-24 in the lead up to trying to summit Aconcagua in January. Following guidance here and elsewhere I tried to keep my form in the -10 to -30 range while training. I’m almost done with repeating week 18, and due to my work/life schedule I front-loaded some of the longer/harder exercises this week. Despite following everything as described, my form is currently at 20 and my overall fitness score has slightly decreased. Does anyone know why this might happen and if there is something I need to adjust? Or is this a result of returning to exercise after the recovery week? Thank you in advance, I’m new to the platform/plan!

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    Jane Mackay on #72576

    Training Peaks support might be able to explain it if the answer is contained within their formulas. They’re usually really responsive, esp. if you have the paid membership.

    RachelF on #72579

    Hi Jane, thank you, I keep getting form responses from them, unfortunately. I am interested in understanding the exercise science — is there a reason that my body may be not getting as fatigued at this point? I expected a little bit of a shift, as I adjust to the workouts, but not such a large shift.

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