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Training Peaks confusion…

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    Hi All,

    I did an ANT test yesterday and have been on TP to crunch some numbers and am shocked at what it’s reporting (see screenshot) There is a huge spike on my performance management graph as you can see, and it is confusing as it wasn’t a hugely intense workout – there are workouts listen on the graph which are displaying much further down.

    Any ideas what the reason for this is?

    My thoughts are:

    – I’m Ill and I don’t know it yet!
    – My HR monitor is playing up
    – TP is glitching

    Some points on the lead up to the workout and now…

    Last week was a lower intensity week after a good recovery period after the New Year. Prior to yesterday I did some very light aerobic exercise the day before but had increased my strength training last week. I felt “normal” for the workout yesterday – and feel “normal” for the day after that particular type of workout today.

    Any help appreciated – this may have been covered before in the forum (but I couldn’t find it)


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    Shashi on #49430


    Can you please make your Training Peaks workout from yesterday public and share the link?

    Thank you!

    mark-9388 on #49433

    Of course:


    Rachel on #49438

    Uh yeah 3000+ TSS is HUGE! I think your threshold was set way too low, that’s how it calculates TSS. Presumably you didn’t know your threshold until you did this test? What was your previous threshold in Training Peaks? You should update it with the new one from your test yesterday, and apply to past workouts.

    You can update using the directions here Recalculate TSS

    mark-9388 on #49439

    Hi rachelp

    I have followed the instruction on the link you shared and altered the threshold (it was only 10bpm out) and recalculated – but it hasn’t made much difference!

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    John S on #49444

    A glitch in the gps spiked the elevation gain to 22,000 metres. Which is a pretty impressive glitch if nothing else!

    Adjust the vert and retry. Hopefully that fixes it!

    mark-9388 on #49445

    Ah ha – so it did! – thanks for this. Didn’t notice that at all!

    Rachel on #49464

    You can use the elevation correction in TrainingPeaks to fix the vert.

    It looks like now the hrTSS is set to 119 which is better, but the PMC hasn’t updated to reflect that yet. You could try changing the date range it uses and Apply to force a refresh I believe (you could then set it back to the usual date range). How are your fitness and form numbers now?

    mark-9388 on #49547

    Good morning, thank you for your responses and help on this. It was definitely a case of “couldn’t see the wood for the trees” – I have been through and used the elevation correction across the last few sessions. (though irritatingly I couldn’t seem to find a “bulk” option for this!)

    Note to self – make sure the elevation is reading correctly!


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