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    Yesterday after a long run I got a notification from Training Peaks that my threshold (AnT) had increased to 170 (I had it set at 162) and a prompt to change it. I’m assuming this is from having an hour of my run where my average HR was 170. Would this be a reliable way to estimate my AnT. Over 3.5 hours my average HR was 166 so it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibilities that my AnT is around 170 right? I attached the workout in case it helps.

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    Dane on #32154

    Can’t seem to edit this but in case it makes a difference I wanted to add that the 170 1 hour average came mostly from the climb (it’s the same hill I did my DIY AnT test on a few weeks ago when I 162)

    OwenFW on #32155

    Why would you not trust this? If you maintained 170 for an hour, and that’s the highest you’re able to maintain for that long, that’s the definition of AnT over that time period. Isn’t it?

    Dane on #32169

    I guess my only hesitation is that I was already an hour into a hard effort and eating a lot (for me) the whole time. I’ve never refueled during an AnT so I want to make sure that wouldn’t make it possible for me to maintain a HR over my threshold. Especially since I just did a 30 min AnT test on that hill a few weeks ago and ended up with a HR of 162 (though I’ll be the first to admit I may not have been pushing as hard as I could have). Just want to make sure I understand all of this since I’m still pretty new to higher intensity efforts.

    Brian Vickers on #32170

    I had the same thing from TP after running a 1/2 marathon I decided to jump into basically as a sort of AnT experiment. TP (I only have the free version) notified me that my LT was up to 173 which is a few beats over consistent road self-tests (Friel guidelines). After looking at the data and how long I ran at or over LT (1:26 out of 1:44) the adjusted number makes sense. I’ll stick with that unless another self-test tells me otherwise. For me, it just meant a new AnT number. I didn’t adjust AeT zone 2 for it. I only see it affecting what little z4 training I do (10-20% annual).

    Dane on #32175

    Yeah I’m basically planning on using it unless there’s a reason not to. I’m going to retest my AeT next week when I’ll have access to a treadmill and I’m getting close enough to the 10% mark that I want to make sure I’m using accurate (as possible) numbers.

    Dada on #32177

    I would say that your value is skewed by HR drift. I would rely more on your AnT test.

    Anonymous on #32228

    The simplest way to set AnT is with a 45-60min uphill time trial. If you can maintain 170 for an hour in the middle of long run then you can be quite certain that you AnT is not 162. Were you tired on the day you did that test?


    Dane on #32237

    Physically I was feeling pretty good. It was the last day of week 3 of a training cycle so I wasn’t super fresh but pretty good overall. I was a little tired from not sleeping great the night before because I was up later than usual babysitting my niece and loud upstairs neighbors.

    Anonymous on #32277

    For these maximal efforts you need to be rested.


    Dane on #32299

    I went into it figuring I’d be making a bit of a fitness withdrawal because I wanted to practice some race day strategies and get an idea of where I need to improve in the next four months. I’m sure nerves will keep me up the night before since it’ll be my first race so I thought seeing how it feels to push a little when I’m tired might have some mental benefits at least. I wasn’t thinking about the lack of sleep affecting my heart rate though.

    I’ll take it easy this week and do another AnT test in a few weeks when I’m more well rested.

    Quick question out of curiosity if you see this, I know you should eat beforehand but is it OK to eat during the AnT test? I’ve never felt the need to before but I think I haven’t pushed as hard as I could either.

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