Training Peaks and Uphill Athlete Training Plans

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    Hey guys, I’m currently on week 20 of 40, following the training plan you laid out in TFTNA and your companion workbook, so far so good, seeing very promising results. I’m headed to Chamonix for some alpine rock this September, and was intrigued by Steve’s alpine rock training program. I was considering purchasing that as well and using that as a sort of sub-training plan within the larger context of the year-long TFTNA program. Likely I’d incorporate that 8 week plan in weeks 30-38, so a bulk of this plan would fall under your specific phase from TFTNA. So my question is 2 parts:

    1) I’d imagine the training plan you lay out in TFTNA and in your alpine rock program follow similar training methods, and that the alpine rock program would fit well within the larger TFTNA framework. Meaning I should be able to mesh the two of them together with a bit of tweaking to the year-long plan I had originally laid out. Is this true, or would trying to do this over-complicate the training?

    2) I noticed your programs are developed in TrainingPeaks. I’ve been on the fence of switching to TP for the past year or two. I don’t wanna mess with success and totally switch all the tracking I’m doing over to TP midway through this year’s training, but will likely switch for next year. Anyway, for this year’s needs, is it possible to print this program out, and use it more like a manual that I can reference, like your book and workbook? Or is viewing it online the only viable way to access the info?


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    Good to hear you’ve been following your own plan developed with the help of TftNA and the log book. We love to hear about folks doing that. Makes us feel like our book efforts were not wasted;-).

    Yes, the Alpine rock plan would be an ideal fit into the specific period of you overall plan.

    No, you will not be able to print out that rock plan in its entirety (to my knowledge). But there is nothing stopping you from transcribing it into your log book and recording as you have been.

    TP is a great tool but if you are finding success with the log book then stick with that.


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