Training on the treadmill vs. training outdoors

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    Silly question maybe. I logged in a good 400 hours of training last year and this was done 100% outdoors, on hills, trails, etc.

    This year I just got into a travel heavy job and I am confined to training on a treadmill at the hotel gym. My question is if the effects on aerobic development are the same or if it really matters if the workout is done on a real trail?

    I still have the weekends to do ME outdoors and other long big days in the hills, but during the weekdays it’s quite impossible for me. I have the motivation and willingness to put the hours on the treadmill, even if that means getting up at 5 am.

    My goals this year are very low key, I am only planning the Elbrus North Side in august.

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    We coach many folks who are constrained by time and/or location that are forced to do the bulk of their training on a treadmill. The do well on their goals. I think you should be fine with the mix you are describing.


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    The biggest struggle will be monotony. I love treadmill workouts for intensity sessions where I want my pace to be very specific, but I abhor them for steady-state, low-intensity sessions.

    Load up a tablet with movies and podcasts!

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