Training near AeT (Zone 1 & 2)

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    Not including more advanced athletes that may do aerobic training at lower heart rates ie Zone 1, if you are are more of a novice athlete, will training closer to your AeT have a better training effect than training lower(farther) from Aet. Ie: if AeT is 150, would training at 145 be better than training at say, 135 bpm?



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    Based on what I’ve learned in the forums, Steve’s books, and the Mountaineering training group, training in the upper end of Z2 will build capacity more quickly than training toward the bottom but… it won’t make as much difference as consistency and lots of hours in the zone. There is also one caution: better to be in the lower range of the zone than to push the top and ending up on the other side of your max. The zone boundaries aren’t fixed numbers but more of a narrow band.

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