Training leg adductors?

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    Hi all:

    On a recent “test climb” I’ve identified a weakness: my thigh adductors when french stepping for hours on end. Any recommendations exercises (max strength?) to integrate to target this or just keep going uphill on outdoor rocky terrain? Thanks all.


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    Steve House on #19289

    Good observation.

    I have my coached athletes do a couple things to address this unique movement (french technique somewhat sideways to the hill).
    1) Box step ups. I have them step up and down off all 4 sides of the box. Front to back, for sure, but also side to side. This will hit those aductors.

    2) When out for hilly hikes or runs, i have them ‘french technique’ up the steepest hills. Ideally facing across the hill (hips 90 degrees away from fall line) and crossing over with that downhill foot and stepping up. I tell them that if this starts to ‘burn’ at all or skyrocket the heart rate, then to switch back to a normal uphill-facing posture.

    Good question.

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