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    Newbie question here, seeking pointers and guidance.
    I will start from the end – target is a 37 mile mountain trail race with ~5,500ft climbing (about 60km over 1,600m) – in December 2019.
    I currently do runs with ~1,500ft climb (cumulative) with little issues, that would be running on the low grades and walking the steep ones.
    I have been running for a few years (7+) and nursing an ITB since 2016 with a drop in volume. Next month is my first HM since, will not be a problem.
    I have not done much dedicated uphill trail running or hill repeats for that matter, and my strength training regime sucks.
    So, with the above goal in mind, my question is how to plan the training from the uphill aspect?
    I am sure this topic has been addressed many times, so grateful for pointers on how/where to search for specific threads. Advice also appreciated. Thanks! 🙂

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