Training for the next two weeks

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    Niv Slama

    Hi there, I apologize in advance if my following question was addressed already I was trying to look for the answer but couldn’t find it. if that’s the case, I’ll be happy if someone can guide me where to look for it.
    I signed for the next training session as well and I’m curious if you have any recommendation on what our training should be for the next two weeks(starting tomorrow), until the next program will start?

    Thanks in advance


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    krish on #62719

    There was some good discussion about that in the last Zoom call, which is recorded. But, it’s essentially a redo of weeks 10 & 11 with slightly higher volume (~10%) added (for 1 or both weeks).

    Niv Slama on #62720

    Hey Krish, thanks very much for the reply

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