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    Hi everyone,

    I have a 25km mountain race coming up at the end of February and I anticipate going very hard for 2.5-3 hours. It’s likely that the majority of this race will be above my aerobic threshold. I normally run ultras and have never run or trained for a shorter distance race. I would welcome any insight in how I can adapt UA methodology to a shorter race. How do I train for a high intensity race without undermining my AeT?

    This is what I’m thinking so far:
    -normal 8 week base training period under AeT with ME workouts
    -introduce both short hill sprints and longer duration Z3 hill climbs after base period
    -limit Z3 to 10% of training time per week

    For context, here is my training background:
    -have run 10 ultra distances over 3 years (both races and adventures) primarily using Big Vert training plan
    -all races have been between 50-60km
    -training around 400 hours/year

    Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks in advance!

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    Anonymous on #59359

    For shorter races you need to include more intensity in the form of running fast. ME by itself will not be enough. The lay out you suggest seems very wise. I would make the Z3 runs a series of 2-5km efforts at the pace you hope to hold in the race on the flatter faster sections. Introduce these gradually so you can gauge their effect on recovery.


    mylon.ollila on #59678

    Thanks Scott!

    niall f on #60148

    Is it fair to say that for races 3 hours and under, gym-based ME and Max Strength are not as critical training variables as with longer distance events? Instead, would running economy be the key element?

    brianbauer on #60524

    is your “mountain race” a Sky race type, or a trail race in the mountains? training for the terrain matters.

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