Training for Mt. Kilimanjaro

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    Brian Kost

    Steve and/or Mark;

    I am enrolled in the Mountaineering class that started Oct 5, 2022. My goal is to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro beginning Jan 6, 2023. We are taking the Lemosho route, so approx. 6 days up, 2 days down.

    I have been following the class to the letter, currently on level 2 of Chamonix.

    Fundamentally, my questions are: do I need to start carrying a daypack with 25lbs (about same as Kili hike) AND walking 5 or 6 miles daily? This will be the approximate daily distance on our trip. I can do this in addition to the class, but that may be over training.

    Please advise. There are 3 others in the class going with me and are quite interested in this response.


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    Anonymous on #72256

    Brian, I believe you are using the base program for this go-around of the group. If that is the case the progression should get you to the point where you are seeing loads of close to 25# and 6 miles of movement (3 hours) by the end of the plan so that isn’t an issue. What may be a bit of an issue is you are going to be doing repeated days of work on Kili and not just a singleton long day. My first advice would be to continue following the training program as best you can. Consistency in training is going to do more than anything to develop the aerobic capacity that you need to do battle with the altitude on Kili. I would also try and add a bit of time and weight to the Saturday workouts so they are closer in duration to the Sunday sessions and the same pack weight. That will force you to get used to doing back to back days with a pack and you’ll be more prepared for the reality of the climb. If that goes well for a few weeks you could also add in a short 30 min or so aerobic session to the Tuesday in addition to the Chamfit, this will add another day of aerobic stimuli and a little volume to the weekly total.

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