Training for Aconcagua – 16 or 24 weeks plan?

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    good morning,

    I am preparing for Aconcagua, 18 weeks to go.
    I was looking at the sample 16 weeks training plan.
    Due to an knee injury I am not able to run, but climbing and hiking is no issue. for preparation I need to substitute running with cycling, stair climbing, eclipse machine or uphill walking.

    I enquired about that per email how to substitute and which training plan would be the right one for me and I was advised to either use the 16 weeks training plan

    I was advised as following:
    “I would recommend you take a look at the 24 week mountaineering plan or the 16 week Big mountaineering plan. If you don’t have a huge background in training I would do the 24 week plan and just do the first 16 weeks.

    24 Week:
    16 Week:”

    I am aware of training methods and methodologies.
    In this case, which package is better for me? Which one do you recommend? What is the difference of both packages?
    Will I reach the same fitness level after 16 weeks if I follow the 24 weeks plan than the 16 weeks plan? If so, I would like to purchase the bigger package. But if 16 weeks is more specific for my 16 weeks target maybe it’s better to go with that or not?

    how to best substitute ‘running’ in the training plan? is stair climbing fine to get the result?

    Thank you very much,

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    Shashi on #58421


    I believe someone form UA contacted you on this and I believe you ended up buying 16-week plan. If you still have any questions, please let me know.

    Gromal on #75763

    Hi, how it ended?

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