Training effect of weighted ME vs hill sprints

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    What is the training difference between doing weighted muscular endurance (backpack with heavy weight on steep vert) workouts vs hill strides in terms of the benefits to the body? Maybe the weighted ME will help with muscle fibers holding up longer and hill strides will increase muscular efficiency? Thoughts?

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    Anonymous on #39242

    Very different workouts for the reasons that you listed.

    Writing about strides makes me think that you’re a runner? If that’s the case our gym-based ME for runners would be a better program than our weighted carries for mountaineers.

    doughywilson on #39249

    Thanks Scott. Yes, my main interest is mountain running. Where can I find information about the gym-based ME workouts? I have the TFTUA book. Is it in there or online?

    vik.waghray on #39252

    on a related note, what type of ME workout would be best suited to preparing for the demands of long alpine rock climbs/traverses with a light pack on? i’d imagine some kind of hybrid that combines elements of both weighted carries and a gym-based workout?

    doughywilson on #39255

    I found this link that is relevant to this thread:

    Anonymous on #39306

    Also look in the TftUA index under “muscular endurance” to find the page numbers.

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