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    after 12 weeks training, 10 to 15% Z3-Z4, 4x per week, 7h per week, I tried to measure my improvements. Before training, I did a professional diagnostic including lactat testing at the Olympic site in Heidelberg. Treatmill speed was increased every 3 min by 2 km/h from 6 to 16 km/h>> HR max.

    I now repeated that procedure in my gym (without lactat measurements). At the former HR at AET and Lactatthreshold my pace was now better bei 20s and 15s, respectively. Is this to be expected or to small?

    I mainly do follow the hut to hut trainingplan to do a 6 day skimo plus Uphill Athlete Book.

    Is there any other measure to check if my endurance improves or does my way make sense? I also did a skimountaining tour last week with 12kg backpack and felt very strong and good and was as fast as my friends with normal caryy weight…


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    Dada on #37789

    Hey Heiko,

    Just one question: where do these 10-15% Z3/4 come from? Seems a little high?

    PS: do you wanna start a German UA WhatsApp group to share knowledge and lesson learnt?


    pult on #37812

    Hey Dana,

    the Z3 and Z4 time simply happened but I aimed for 5 to 10 percent.


    Dada on #37827

    Hi Heiko,

    How did your HR at AeT and AnT change? But I think 20s and 15s is great at the old threshold’s HR.


    pult on #37840

    Hi Dada,

    I repeated the treatmill procedure of the old measurement but without Lactat sampling. Based on the speed and HR I was able to plot a comparative graph (every 3min 2km/h plus) and HR at those speeds were lower than the old measurement. Interestingly at the initial 6 km/h the new HR was higher than the old, but at all other speeds HR was now lower by 3 to 4 beats. Consequently also at AeT and AnT, or the pace was better at old figures.



    Anonymous on #37890

    Great work, Heiko. It’s hard to say whether or not those changes are large. More importantly, they’re headed in the right direction.

    For long-duration events (of two hours or more) a good rule of thumb is to limit training above Z2 to 5% of total training time. At this stage, your threshold speeds will rise faster that way. Check out this recent thread.

    pult on #37924

    Dear Scott,

    many thanks for the encouraging respond. I struggled a little with z1/2 training as we do have a poor winter season here and instead of several ski mountaining tours I struggled in my hilly area, without snow. A 4 to 6 h ski mountaining tour would have easily reduced my too high Z3 /4 proportion.
    Nevertheless very important to beat the Z1 /2 drum. I will do my very best! And snow is coming!



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