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Training between events 8 weeks apart.

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    I’m starting 3 climbs in the next 7 days.
    All 19000 to 20000 peaks in Ecuador.

    I did a 20 week program followed by a 2 week taper before my acclimatization hikes here in Ecuador.

    What should I do in the 8 weeks after I return and before a EBC trek and Island Peak climb in Nepal?

    Should I just maintain or try to construct a mini 8 week program.

    I’m a reasonably fit 68 yo 165# 5’9″male with 2+ years focused just on rock and alpine climbing but still looking to improve. Mostly biking in the Blue Ridge for 3 years before that. Thankypu.

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    LindsayTroy on #49540

    Quick question for you Lou, are you needing to build fitness in that 8 week period or maintain fitness?

    Rachel on #49565

    Here’s a thread that answers a similar question: recovery maintenance between trips

    Lou-H on #49610

    Maintain mostly but any increase in ME would be good.
    My aerobic capacity seems pretty good at altitude. The Island Peak climb will be a little more strenuous perhaps.

    Anonymous on #49938

    Mmm… right now you should focus on the trip you’re on.

    Then, when you’re back, take a week off to think about how to approach the next objective.

    Lou-H on #50089

    I am back ….after horrendous weather on all 3 climbs. Our 6 member team had only 3 summits out of 18 possible. Cold, wind and snow but what a great adventure.

    I had a long taper before hand (a little bit of a cold) and I’ve not exercised in 5 days now.
    I had a slight decline in ‘mojo’ over the three climbs but nothing too noteworthy. I did need focused recovery on the day after each climb. I will now focus on maintaining/building aerobic capacity and some ME. I will say my calves are gorgeous now.

    All comments/suggestions are appreciated.


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