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Training after Covid

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    Pia Lichtblau

    Dear Coaches,

    lI managed not to get COVID till now – since yesterday I’m sick with fever, Sore throat, body aches… So of course at the moment I don’t do anything but lying around – but how can I get into training afterwards? I thought about starting with some yoga sessions as soon as the symptoms are gone, I have the feeling this could be good als my body feels really stiff at the moment. But how can I get back into the plan?

    I’m on the intermediate and have mixed this up already with the Wonderland Three Day Plan in order to get fit for the Transalpine.

    Thanks for your advice!

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    Anonymous on #68516

    Hi Pia,
    Definitely take this one day at a time. Covid has been easy on some of my athletes and much harder on others. Really rest and let your body recover. Then mellow walks and yoga would be perfect. You will likely be more fatigued than you expect so lots of rest and sleep even after symptoms subside. From the easiest week working back into actual training stick with 10% increase (time/distance or effort) as you go.
    Sorry to hear you are sick but hopefully this will pass quickly. C

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