Torn tendon – sole of foot – benefits of transferring temporarily to cycling

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    Hi. Early June I put my full weight on a sharp rock, felt damage, but continued on. Since by sports physio, its torn tendon (difficult to accurately diagnose but X rays evidence no breakage), I struggle to walk (sole of foot, base of my toes) thus no time in mountains since. The remedy is heat (hot water bottle), rest and time, apparently.
    I’m 55, a fastish shuffler (osteoarthritis doesn’t allow me to run) but going into June was as fit as I’ve been in recent years and looking forward to adventures across the summer.
    So I swopped to cycling, bought myself a gravel bike. I have little doubt my cardio is improving, especially Zone 3 and above, which is difficult to get to as a shuffler. I cycle c.75kms/week, three or four times a week (I said I had just started cycling), and upper body weights twice per week. In coming weeks I’ll probably increase my cycling mileage and expect to plateau at about 100kms/week.
    With upper body weights twice a week I am maintaining strength, I don’t do leg workouts as I think the cycling is probably enough and I’d be concerned loading onto my foot.
    A few questions for those inclined
    It’s been 8 weeks now; my physio tells me such injuries can remedy quickly, or they can take a long time – anyone else experienced similar frustrations?
    I’m hoping to experience the benefits of cycling when I finally recover, I expect to struggle initially as I reacclimatise to carrying bodyweight, but then I hope for rapid improvement as my improved cardio kicks in – any views?
    I’m considering adding swimming to my programme, but would probably need to lose one session of either cycling or weights – any views?
    First time I’ve posted so hope of interest and/or I haven’t missed the point of the forum, apologies if I have


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    Thomas Summer, MD on #56216

    Hi Phil!

    Good to read that you can do so much cycling. Do you have any problems while cycling?
    As I understand it, you still have problems/pain when walking!?
    To get an accurate diagnosis I would recommend an MRI. Otherwise, it’s hard to make any concrete recommendations or predictions.
    Cycling will have benefits for sure. It’s very good endurance training. Especially with osteoarthritis. So you have added a training modality to your toolbox. Also, swimming is a very good training option for osteoarthritis. Be creative with training until you get back to shuffling. But only do what you can without pain. A bit of discomfort (that’s not increasing) is usually ok. But I as wrote above I would recommend an MRI to get a correct diagnosis.

    hope that helps!?

    philcook999 on #56219

    Thanks Tom, it does help. No problems when cycling but I don’t use cleats hence I avoid the painful pressure spot. Appreciate the advice re MRI which I’ll pursue on Monday. Having read all the ‘cycle ‘v’ running/hiking’ debates it made no sense to me that it would be time wasted, so reassurance appreciated. I also have to say I’m starting to catch the cycling bug a little and as one gets a little older, its helpful to have alternatives. best wishes Phil

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    Thanks Tom so much

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