Too long cooldown, post workout?

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    Hi UA friends,
    i’m still really into your training approach. Reading the forum regularly but didn’t have time to interact with you guys. I hope all of you are safe in the current “strange” situation…

    Yesterday i started a new block moving away from Z3 workouts to more Z4+ Work. Shorter intervals, longer rest.
    The workout was like this: Warmup for 20 minutes. then 2x2min happy hard with equal rest. The workout part was 1,2,3 minutes hard with equal rest. 5minutes easy and again. Now here comes my question. After i finished my workout, i like do a longer cooldown (mostly Z1) of ~1h (maybe to enjoy that i finished a hard session :)). How counterproductive is this? Because in your Training plans the recommended cooldown time is around 30 minutes.

    Thanks in advance, have a great weekend — mirko

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    Anonymous on #40128

    It’s not counter-productive at all! The more, the better.

    It drives me nuts when people short-change the cool-down, so good job for making it a priority. I think there’s an aerobic benefit from cool-downs because muscles are forced to keep working when lactate is still high. So they have to work while reabsorbing lactate. I think there’s something in Olbrecht’s book (The Science of Winning) about that.

    nullkru on #40261

    Hi Scott,

    thanks for your answer, really appreciate it!

    have a nice evening and stay healthy — mirko

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