Too hard for my AeT ?

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    Training today was a 1.7 mile uphill hike. Average grade 27%, max grade 55%. About 1800 ft gain.

    Even slowing my pace way down (below .08 mph )I still had 40 minutes above my AeT although the average heart rate for the entire climb was below my AeT.

    Question: 1. At this point in my training is this hike simply too hard? Am I getting any benefit or does the too high part negate potential base improvement?

    The hike starts out at a moderate grade so I was able to warm up before the steep climbing.


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    Anonymous on #43273

    The grade is too steep for your current fitness level. A 27% grade qualifies as STEEP. Since this is the average grade that means there are probably sections of over 30%. It would be a good hill to do hill sprints or an ME workout on but too steep right now for you to use for long duration aerobic base building. See if you can find a lower grade trail for the bulk of your aerobic base work.


    saltzmanjane on #43385


    Today I trained on a hill with a 9% grade

    Average HR 133, AeT is 145

    For 6 minutes my HR was between 146-151 as
    the grade went up to 22%

    Is this hill okay or not for my base training?


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