Tomorrow’s Zoom Chat October 12th 11:00am Pacific Time

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    Hi FUA’s
    We’re excited to see you tomorrow if you can join us live.

    A few things, for any new comers or gals who were not able to be at October 5ths Zoom. Please take a moment to watch the recorded session as we will do a quick review of topics covered however we won’t have time to go into great depth as we have new items to talk about. You should have received and email with the link t the Google doc where you can view the Zoom chats as well a link is posted in a Forum topic here on the website.

    Tomorrow we will be reviewing topics from last week, covering the Forum in more detail since it is up and running (YAY!).

    And covering the Aerobic threshold test as well as other workout questions that have come up thus far. And don;t forget the UA website is an enormous resource of information just use that search tool and someone has likely written a detailed answer to your question as well.

    Excited to see you tomorrow!
    Also feel free to post any questions for tomorrow Zoom here if you can’t attend and we’ll make sure they are covered.

    Sending our best,
    Carolyn and Maya

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    Allison McCallister on #57945

    Hi Everyone!
    I unfortunately can’t attend live tomorrow but was curious if there was any suggestions on how long to hold each mobility stretch or if there was a specific way to be completing these stretches?

    Thanks in advanced:)
    Allison M

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