Tomorrow’s Zoom Chat Nov 9th 11am PT

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    Good Morning FUA Athletes!
    This weeks Coaches Zoom topic will be about Strength Training, from something like CMF to Max Strength and ME. The importance of this in training, aging, and of course focused for women. If you can’t make the zoom chat and have a question you would like answered please feel free to post it here and Maya and I will make sure the question is covered in our chat. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!
    Carolyn and Maya

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    amy skei on #58990

    That’s awesome-thanks Carolyn.

    mmingus on #59027

    I believe our zoom chat is today, Nov 9, at 11 am PT.
    I had trouble with my Coros Pace 2 watch with this workout. It synced the workout on the watch. But only recorded 45 minutes of it. Fortunately, my TICKR worked the entire hour of time. Any suggestions? Thanks, Melinda

    Anonymous on #59030

    Thanks for catching the date error, yes today is our zoom ( :

    As for specific errors with devices such as this your best bet is to go directly to COROS and ask them why it might have malfunctioned.

    See you all later today!

    Amanda Lyall on #59035


    I am hoping to join the tail end of the call today via audio but I have to get my COVID booster shot at 2:15 ET. The question I had about strength training has more to do with the hrTSS scores in Training Peaks and whether I should be using them as “indicators of expected effort.”

    According to the original workout, the suggested hrTSS was 150. I did the ME workout today as indicated (body weight only) and mine hrTSS was only 64. I have been doing strength training with a coach for some time and did feel like it was not terribly difficult for me at this juncture. I added a few reps for each of the movements just to make it to the full hour because I also finished early.

    Based on this first run through of the ME I know that I will definitely add weight/resistance, etc to make it more difficult next round. However, my question is would you recommend shooting for 150 hrTSS as as “goal” for difficulty/exertion level? Trying to suss out how best to calibrate the workout so I am not overdoing it but also challenging myself. Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks!

    All the best,

    Jane Mackay on #59036

    Amanda, this is my third go-around with the FUA group, and what I’ve learnt is that hrTSS is not a useful measure for any kind of strength training. Instead, the UA team use estimates based on “fudge factors” to record a “close-enough” TSS score that can be used to factor into your overall TSS score to monitor your ongoing training load. Have you seen this article? It explains what they do and the reasoning behind it:


    Amanda Lyall on #59037

    Hey Jane,

    I appreciate you! Thank you! I think I had read this but only focused on the altitude adjustment stuff and not the others. This is great, I’ll make sure to bookmark this moving forward 🙂

    Have a great day!


    Jane Mackay on #59044

    You’re welcome, Amanda! I’m glad it’s useful!

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