Tips fix plan your training.

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    Do you manually input your trainings to your schedule? I’m juggling a few scheduling apps (TP, iPhone, Outlook for work). I’m not greatest with technology. If you have a good way to keep your trainings update for a week and month. Would you please share?


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    Nate Emerson on #58907

    Hi Kazu, I’m assuming that you are asking how to get your TrainingPeaks workouts to show up in your personal calendar…
    You can sync your TrainingPeaks calendar to any 3rd party calendar app that supports web-calendars (.ics).
    TrainingPeaks describes several different ways of syncing to your preferred calendar on this page:

    With this TrainingPeaks .ics subscription, there can be a significant delay syncing to your calendar – it may take several hours for the initial workouts to show up in your calendar.

    kazu.ishidera on #58908

    Thank you so much, Nate! That’s exactly what I was looking for. I realized my typo on topic.

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